Open letter

Written by Jan Nicolaas Kind, Salvador-Bahia, Brazil




[Dave Marsland is the editor of a theosophical website with a dubious reputation. For many years he has published articles or reported on certain occurrences in quite a controversial manner. Over the past twelve months this editor has also reported on recent developments in the TS-Adyar in a style which would be best described as sickening. For the convenience of our readers the open letter is hereby temporarily published on the Theosophy Forward Facebook page].


Dave Marsland, you have a serious problem!


The world in which we live, Dave Marsland, is perfectly imperfect; the Society in which we both are active is perfectly imperfect. Mistakes have been made in the past, and they will be made in the future, let there be no doubt, but you do not seem to have the capacity to deal with those mistakes. They make you angry and inspire you to write childish exposťs on your site, garnished with tasteless illustrations.


For too long you have been posting the most awful, false and abusive messages on your website regarding issues in connection with the 2014 election for international president of the TS-Adyar, the Adyar administration, and the international president Tim Boyd in particular. Your site seems to be a tool for you to personally let the world know that a certain Dave Marsland exists who has appointed himself to be a grand-inquisitor, going around with a push pike in his hands, having social issues with how the rest of the world lives. You seem to be the eternal, and by now somewhat aged, agitator; the rebel for a good or even a bad cause; always on the barricades, no matter what the subject is, as long as you can kick some bottoms and make noise.


It is clear that noisemakers will always be there. Their significance is often marginal but in your case, if even three readers of your site would be convinced that you are telling the truth, it is a little different. You present yourself as a Theosophist, active in a respectable lodge, committing yourself to the great Cause. Well, I really wonder what you have grasped from the teachings.


Unfortunately for you, when the Marsland phenomenon is further investigated we come across a paradox, and I want to make use of this opportunity to point out what that paradox is.


The Cardiff lodge in which you have been active for quite a while has had problems with the regional leadership in Wales and the administration of the TS-Adyar in England. I have no opinion about those issues because these things do happen and it is up to the folks on the ground to come to an agreement or not. Your group, as it seems, didnít come to an agreement. Thatís alright, all are free to go their own way and do what they think is the right thing to do. Not only were there disagreements with the TS-Adyar in England, but in connection with that disagreement, the relationship with the headquarters in Adyar became blurred and ultimately also came to an end. Your group apparently decided to go alone, and in spite of the fact that this is a great pity since no covenant could be reached, this is perfectly legitimate and the decisions taken need to be respected.


But now, Dave Marsland, what do you do? Here is the paradox! Your group does it alone, trying to find its own way, but at the same time you cannot stop screaming aloud, throwing mud at everything and anyone that has a connection with Adyar, its administration and leadership, with which you wonít have anything to do and despise so much, labelling them in your postings as the ďAdyar controllers.Ē I am sorry to say but this doesnít make sense at all. You are not affiliated any longer; your group walks its own path, so why bother kicking those Adyar bottoms.


Dave Marsland, with all due respect, I do believe that it is about time that you firmly kick your own bottom for a change and make a lot of noise in your own kitchen instead of in someone elseís.


On your site, and for many months now, you have been posting on subjects you know nothing about: about people you have never met or even spoken to, drawing ludicrous conclusions which are absolutely faulty, actually making a complete idiot of yourself. Demonstrating far going animosity, as if you were an over the top crossexaminer you seem to enjoy personal attacks in particular. Over the years you have been attacking persons you have a grudge with in a very typical and mean manner. When I go over your site my stomach starts to play up; Dave Marsland, you have a serious problem!


You are completely off-track and you do not stop in trying to make a laughing stock out of certain individuals, whilst in fact you are the sole joker in this game. Your critique is based on hearsay, gossip, unverified rumors, and biased information some pass on to you. You live in beautiful Wales, and not in Chennai, so the obvious question arises from where you obtain all that you seem to know which, by the way and per definition, is always second and third hand. Please note that your ďinformersĒ have been identified, and whatever they try to convey to you, for your own sake and credibility, youíd better check and double check their data.


The reason why I take the trouble to write all this is because somewhere along the line I have the feeling that in a way you really are attempting to better the world, and that basically you are not bad intentioned, but you have clearly taken a very wrong turn somewhere and ended up terribly frustrated. It is against any Theosophical principle to act as a prosecutor, judge, and executioner at the same time, yet that is precisely what you are doing, Mr. Marsland. So perhaps it would be better for you to simply return to the study of basic Theosophy, The Key to Theosophy is a good start. I understand that your Cardiff lodge consists of some serious and dedicated students, so they might be able to give you a hand.


This open letter will be the first and the last note I send to you, and I will not correspond with you. It is published on the Theosophy Forward Facebook page and will stay there for a little while, so readers may take note of it. After that, I will take it down. Theosophy deserves much better!


Note from the author:


Dave Marsland wonít halt issuing his poor postings and this epistle of mine was not written with that intention. I support the notion that the best way to deal with hateful or offensive postings or speech is not to attempt to stop them. Let this man by all means show himself.


He is fully supported by an internet troll from San Antonio-Texas, Manjeri K. Ramadoss, whose own website Theos talk has historical ties with Mr. Marsland; they both belong to the past.



Dave Marsland


PostedDecember 16th†††††† 2014


Daveís Theosophy News Board


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A new leadership is needed, and fast.



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No Information,

Discussion forbidden,

No replies to questions.

Do the members still have a Society?



Canít Change

Wonít Change

Those who have kept the Society time warped

in the 1930s now have the task of introducing

reform and they obviously donít want to do it.



Beggars at the Door

Left sitting out in the cold and starved of information,

members now realise how the General Council regards them

Why not include this picture in any information request to General Council

officers as an indication of how members feel they are being treated.

Or just send the picture anyway.



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The Adyar Theosophical Society is decades

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Triumph of the Weak

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You donít need a degree

If your nameís Raghavan

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An appraisal of the General Councilís commitment

to maintaining the Adyar Theosophical Society

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But Vote Anyway



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Nobody sees it, Nobody hears from it

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Even if the presidential election is correct and above board,

the confidence in the General Council has fallen so low

that members wonít believe it.



Supporting Adyar?

Havenít members been cheated for long enough?







Long Tradition of


at Adyar

Preethi Muthiah has highlighted an endemic problem at Adyar,

which the General Council has ignored for many years.

There are still no plans implement a grievance procedure and

Anti-bullying policy at Adyar.



Summary Dismissal

Of lady over 70 from her job at Adyar



True Purpose of the

2014 Election

What the paying members want has little to do with

this election, as the silence and lack of information show.

The real purpose of this election is for the General Council

to deliver the candidate that the Adyar ruling elite wants.



What Makes this Election Invalid?




After the Election



Was Your Vote Counted?

Was your vote forwarded to Adyar?

Was the election actually held?

Against a background of silence, a court case and

allegations of irregularities, these are fair questions.



Not Being at Adyar

Well, itís much easier than being a real president



Democracy in the Adyar Theosophical Society




11,432 Votes

Is That All?



No Right To Complain

Well, what can you expect in an organisation where

the leadership regards the membership as ballast

Doubts about the integrity of the election

are left unresolved, rendering the result invalid.



Presidentís Inauguration

A Private Function

Elite Welcome

The Ballast now know their true status



Pray Silence

While the President Creeps into Office



Itís Silence as Usual

By the Adyar Theosophical Society ruling elite.

No hurry to prove the election result

But a real hurry to get the president installed



Who Can Support

The Leadership Now?



Shut Up & Pay Up

The Adyar Theosophical Society has become

a multi-level marketing operation





Doubts about the election result will

make the Presidentís job impossible.



Adyar & the US each have

Half a President



The White Lotus Hi-Jack

President uses White Lotus Day

as a personal platform.

What was the inauguration for?





Is this the

Great Wheaton Rip-Off?

Questions now arise over allocation of Wheaton

resources by a two job president



Master of the Small Event

Launches New Presidency




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CVK Maithreya Deserved

Better Treatment

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inauguration was an insult to him and his supporters



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Is This The

True Face

of the Adyar Theosophical Society?

And if so, itís a very ugly face



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A two job president will produce a massive conflict

of interest that will divide the American Section



CVK Maithreya is


Who's the Guy in the Job?



Why was Campaigning Banned

During the 2014 Election?



Adyar Allegations

Adyar Estate General Manager reports former

Theosophical Society Accountant to the police,

resulting in detention and two days of interrogation.


Former Accountant makes serious allegations

against the Adyar Estate General Manager.



Did the 2014 Presidential Election take place in a

Climate of Fear



Police Action Threatened

Over Someone Elseís Car

ďIf we hand over the vehicle to the police things will be worseĒ




on getting himself inaugurated.


on dealing with problems.

Serious allegations about a reign of terror at Adyar

are lodged with the International President.

There is no response, just silence.



The Prisoner of Adyartraz

Serious allegations surround the treatment of staff and

Theosophical Society members at Adyar, but members find

that the elected president is unable to do anything.



Preethiís Allegations

Allegations against Adyar Estate General Manager,

Mr S Harihara Raghavan over staff bullying

and threats of imprisonment are not new.

Preethi Muthiahís letters and articles clearly

indicate that the issue has been around for some years



2014 Election

More Info Needed

As it stands only 56% of the poll and 49% of the final vote

can be verified by section leaderships on the current information.



One Man, One Vote

Tim Boyd nominates only one candidate for

International Vice-President and expects the

General Council members to vote for him.



Poor Adyar Future

As many ask if it is safe to go to Adyar.



CVK Maithreya

For Vice-President

An idea for serious consideration



The General Council Should Allow

No Appointments

By the

Not Proven President



Visiting Adyar

will never be the same again.

Tim Boyd's failure to deal with serious allegations will

mean that the fear of being banged up in police cells

will henceforth haunt visitors to Adyar.



D V Subramaniamís Posthumous

Letter of Complaint

Yet another source of information

regarding staff bullying at Adyar.



The Amnesty International


Amnesty International is widely supported by members

and official policy of an organisation that refuses

to investigate allegations, that its own staff and members

are bullied by the use of threats of imprisonment.



Did you get an Invite?

Did you know you were cordially invited to the

bargain basement presidentís cut price inauguration?





Serious Concerns Raised

About the Conduct of the

2014 Presidential Election



2014 Election Result?

The only option is to

Go Back


Do It Again

With proper safeguards this time



The Sundaram

Nomination Sham

Indian General Secretary tells the Indian

Section Council that he is nominating

Tim Boyd Ė no discussion Ė no consultation



Call for Emergency Meeting

January 24th 2014

With the unresolved issues raised at that time,

the election clearly should not have gone ahead.



The Inauguration

That Never Was

Tim Boyd airbrushes his rushed inauguration from history.



Serious Concerns

That Cannot be Ignored

Relating to the conduct of the 2014 Presidential Election.

submitted to Chittaranjan Satapathy by South African

General Secretary, Jack Hartmann on March 16th 2014



Election Committee

Ignores Misconduct

It becomes clear that the election committee had

valid evidence for misconduct but ignored it




The Election Result

Pending an Enquiry

Krishnaphani Kesiraju calls on the governing body

to act as a governing body



Call for Action


East and Central Africa


As the Adyar Theosophical Society

governing body refuses to govern.



Raise the White Flag

Admit it General Council, being the governing body of the

Adyar Theosophical Society is too difficult for you.



Staff Bullying

Allegations Ignored

True to form, one month has elapsed and

the President and General Council have failed to

investigate Mr M Kannanís allegations of bullying.






Should Members Recognise

Tim Boyd

as International President?



A Leadership at War

with the Paying Members

of its Own Organisation



Ignore the Bullying

Weíre OK

This is the clear message as the International

President and General Council ignore

bullying allegations at Adyar.



General Council Ignores Calls to


The Presidential Election Result

Pending an Enquiry



Trouble at tíMill

and a leadership unable to handle it



Official Investigation

The conduct of the 2014 Adyar Presidential Election

is now being investigated by the authorities.





Staying Silent

News of an enquiry by the Indian authorities makes

Tim Boyd and the General Council look vulnerable.

The General Council may decide that the easiest

way for it to maintain its policy of silence on the

2014 Presidential Election is to stay away from Adyar.



Outstanding Achievements

Just look at what the General Council has done for

The Adyar Theosophical Society in less than a year



Legal Action?

No problem, the leadership will make sure that the

Theosophical Society members will pay for the defence.





Over 70 valued trees felled at the Adyar Estate



Lumberjack Boyd


Sleeping President



The Adyar Cow Mystery

Is the delayed flimsy unsubstantiated explanation

now replacing the policy of silence?




How many trees were chopped down?


The felling of over 70 trees at the Adyar Estate

is reported in The Hindu in some detail






Carry On

Up The Adyar



Roll Up! Roll Up!

For the 2014 Adyar Crisis Meeting

The current civil court action has split the Indian Society

This will be a costly affair. Who's going to pay?




To Adyar

Against a background of ongoing legal processes,

General Council members just donít know what

they are walking into at Adyar




to open letter written by Jan Nicolaas Kind

on December 16th2014



Duty of Care

Has the Theosophical Society leadership advised

General Council and other members of the risks

involved in attending the 2014 Adyar Convention

during the current investigation?



Adyar Rumbling

Gets Louder







Don't Expect Much

From the General Council on December 25th



It's in the News

A press report on the Presidential Election and resultant

court case, and expulsion has been published by the Times of India.



Crumbs from the High Table

That's how the Ballast is kept informed






Adyar Elite's Own Goal

The victimisation of Kesiraju Krishna Phani will probably

draw more attention from the media and public

than the ongoing civil court case itself.




Forget it!

The Adyar Raj is rooted in the past and determined

to stay there as members refuse to pay and walk away.





Had the Bill Yet?



Time is Needed for Change

Isn't one hundred years enough?



Silence of the Voiceless

Adyar Theosophical Society General Council.

Nothing to say.

And too frightened to say it.



Who Controls Whose Money?

A 14 million dollar question



President of the Silence

Not available for comment



Adyar Court Case Documents

A selection of documents relating to the court case

currently being brought in the Madras High Court against the

Adyar Theosophical Society by Kesiraju Krishna Phani

regarding the conduct of the 2014 Presidential Election.


These documents reveal the nature and extent of the allegations.



Adyar Court Case

Evidence Listing Documents

Further court documents listing the evidence

to be presented relating to the court case currently being

brought in the Madras High Court against the

Adyar Theosophical Society by Kesiraju Krishna Phani

regarding the conduct of the 2014 Presidential Election



Slave Labour

New Palace

Years of no money to pay the workers turns into

a spending spree on the Adyar Raj governorís residence



New Palace

Where's the Catch?



Is Adyar Finished?

without a massive cash bailout



Mugs Wanted?

Charity Scam?



President Invisible?

Is he unavailable for Adyar Day?







More Court Cases




Court Cases



Keep the

Workers Down

Adyar General Manager, Mr S Harihara Raghavanís

clear message to departmental heads



Avoidyar Day

February 17th 2015

A shadow of a once great event at the

Adyar Theosophical Society Headquarters



The Blavatsky Bungalow


Conspiracy theorists may never get to the bottom of this one



Mow the Lawn

Aspirant young footballers cheated out of the opportunity to play.



Have the Voting Dead

Decided Adyarís Future?



Adyar Football Special

When was a game last played on the Olcott School pitch?

For aspirant young footballers, a gap of three or four years

without playing is a big chunk out of their youth.








Police Cordon

The Olcott School sports area has been

barricaded and cordoned off by the police.





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Africa-East and Central Africa-South

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The Adyar Theosophical Society also has the following

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​The Council of the European Federation of National Societies

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Теософическое Сообщество

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The Theosophical Community
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अड्यार थियोसोफिकल सोसायटी राष्ट्रपति चुनाव

Aḍyāra thiyōsōphikala sōsāyaṭī rāṣṭrapati cunāva

அடையாறு தியோசபிகல் ஜனாதிபதி தேர்தல்

Aṭaiyāṟu tiyōcapikal jaṉātipati tērtal